Sugar Industry

Krause Pacific is a leading supplier of flexible sugar silos to the confectionery and sugar industries, our silos are used by sugar refiners, dairies, soft drink manufacturers and the food industry.

Since 1978, Krause flexible silos have proven their ability to store sugar in a condensation free environment, with a reliable sugar discharge system and dust free pneumatic silo filling, long silo life & low capital investment all add up to why Krause flexible silos are so respected.

Our silos are built up to 50 tonne in capacity in all fabric construction or up to 100 tonne plus using a metal cone. Krause Pacific builds all sugar silos to comply with the safety code for flexible silos as prescribed by the major sugar refinery. All our sugar silos have a "safety zone" within the silo, with all metal parts earthed & new generation Krause Pacific flexible silos are constructed from anti-static fabric to disperse any static electricity. No other flexible silo has these safety features.

25t sugar silo
Sugar silo with vibratory discharger
Sugar Silo