Flour & Bakery Industries
Krause Pacific has been designing & building bulk flour systems for the bakery industry since 1972. In that time we have continued to develop flour conveying techniques that are now being used by manufacturers all over the world.

The exclusive use of Krause flexible silo technology in these bulk flour systems has opened up markets that were considered uneconomical using traditional metal silo technology.

The Krause flexible silo is made from uncoated fabric that allows for dust free pneumatic filling without condensation, which practically eliminates the possibility of mould and bacteria. This results in better conditioned flour because the silo "breathes".

Krause flexible silos are custom designed for your application, depending on the unique requirements that are relevant to your bakery. We can manufacture flexible silos up to 50 tonne in capacity. The Krause flexible silo allows for total utilisation of available space to give maximum flour storage. They can be any shape and the silo discharge system may be a simple screw feeder on the outlet or a vibratory bin discharger or our very special "full air cone" silo.

Water and flour weighing systems provide consistent doughs, as well as saving time.

Negative vacuum conveying systems are the simplest & most reliable method to convey flour from the silo to the weigh hopper. The advantage of this conveying system is the ease with which a small ingredient system can be added to the plant. Positive conveying systems are also available.

"Inline" sieves & magnetic traps are all offered as optional extra. Swivel sifters fitted to the outlet of weigh hoppers can provide a simple solution where flour is required at more than one location.

All Krause weigh hoppers, where a vacuum conveying system is used, have 3 & 6 bag reverse air cleaning dust filters fitted; this is a crucial design feature that cannot be compromised.

A Krause small ingredient system added to your bulk flour system will give total quality control over your finished product as well as providing substantial production savings. The low cost of these systems, using either small bag type storage or one tonne bulk bag storage, is impressive.

Krause Pacific provides a complete silo overhaul service which includes washing, drying, sanitizing, repairs, fitting a new filter lid and generally restoring the silo to the quality standards currently built into new silos.

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Vacuum system weigh hopper
30t air cone flour silo
Small ingredients system
Weigh hopper with swivel sifter
20t flour silo
Flour silo with vibratory discharger
Inline sifter